Relieve pain with the help of Trigan-D

Stomach ache

More than 40 diseases are accompanied by pain in the abdomen. According to the statistics of the World Health Organizations 60% the cause of pain is spasm (*).

Muscle pain

Most often, muscle pain occurs in the back, there are 256 muscles, 150 ligaments and 33 vertebrae. With one pain muscles - all back can hurt(*).


Often caught unawares, cause caries, pulpitis, periodontitis and a number of other diseases and most often disturbs person at night (*).


Causes nerve injury, pinching nerve fibers: infectious or inflammatory damage, stress, as well as frequent hypothermia (*).


Every sixth person on the planet occasionally suffers from attacks headache, but few know how to cope with the problem (*).


Up to 80-90% of women experience painful menstruation. More 30% of women can not work in this period (*).

It’s your choice

Endure the pain is detrimental to your body

Endure the pain

To endure the pain is dangerous! Painful attacks destroy the nerve endings and the cells of the brain also there is a danger of formation of problems in the heart and vessels.

Drink a pill

The tablet effectively removes pain.
Having taken the drug on time,
you do not expose your body
to serious consequences.

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