Effect of the drug

Pain is the reaction of the human body to a disease or wound. Although pain is an unpleasant feeling, it plays an important role - it is a warning signal that lets us know that something is wrong with us. When we feel pain, we try to eliminate the factor that caused it.

Different people react differently to pain. Our sense of pain depends on the severity and extent of damage, as well as on our psychophysiological status of pain sensation.

Double action mechanism

Quickly relieves spastic pain


Has a two functions: it acts directly on the muscles in a spasm conditions and blocks the transmission of the signal about spasm from the nervous system to the muscles. Dicycloverin has been used in medical history since 1952.


It acts directly on the pain
in the central nervous system, on the center of thermoregulation, due to which it give antipyretic action. Paracetamol also enhances the action of dicycloverin. It has been used since 1949 in medicine