Frequently asked questions

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How does the medication work?
The drug quickly relieves pain, thanks to a double action of: dicycloverine and paracetamol. Learn more about the effect of the drug.
How many tablets can I take at the same time?
The maximum single dose for adults is 2 tablets, daily - 4 tablets.
What should I drink with it?
You can drink with any liquid: water, tea, milk, etc. You can not drink with alcohol and energy.
From what age can I take this medication?
The drug is approved for use from 15 years of 1 tablet 2-3 times a day.
How long can I take the drug?
Duration of admission without consulting with a doctor - no more than 5 days with an appointment as an anesthetic and 3 days - as an antipyretic.
Can I take a pill before having a meal?
Yes, you can take the drug before having a meal.