Every sixth person on the planet* occasionally suffers from headache attacks, but few know how to cope with the problem.

Up to 90% of all cases of headaches are primary, that is, these pains are not associated with any disturbances in the brain or its vessels. The accepted reason for such headaches is a change in the sensitivity of the receptors themselves to pain stimuli.

Frequent forms of headache


This is an attack of intense headache on one side of the head, which is accompanied by nausea, possibly vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and sound. Pain increases with any physical activity and even with a simple tilt of the head. Migraine affects about 15% of the *** adult population of the world. Fortunately, in half the cases, seizures develop not so often than once a month, and sometimes every year.

Headache of tension

It can be monotonous, compressive, tightening, dull, "like a hoop tightened", "as in a helmet", "in a vise". Such pain can be accompanied by general irritability, tiredness, increased weakness and fatigue, various impairments of appetite or sleep. Headache tension lasts from half an hour to 1 week, in some cases the pain may not stop throughout the time, then it might be chronic pain. At the same time, in general, tension headaches are tolerated more easily than migraines.

There are various ways to eliminate headaches

Traditional, associated with the use of various medicine, for example, painkillers, and based on the principles of folk and alternative medicine. Successful treatment is properly selected together with a educted doctor.

By frequency and intensity, headaches can be.

Effectively "Trigan-D" cope with the pain of

Rare (no more than 1 time per month or 12 times a year) - 60%
Episodic (several times a month) - 37%
Daily - 2-3% **
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