How to relieve pain and spasm

Pain is the reaction of the human body to a disease or wound. Although pain is an unpleasant feeling, it plays an important role - it is a warning signal that lets us know that something is wrong with us. When we feel pain, we try to eliminate the factor that caused it.

Different people react differently to pain. Our sense of pain depends on the severity and extent of damage, as well as on our psychophysiological status of pain sensation.

How to relieve pain?

Like cures like

A little pain can help with severe pain. This method was used two hundred years ago, the dentist's assistants at the removal of the tooth pinched the patient, thereby distracting him from the pain. So you can distract yourself before the arrival of a doctor or taking an anesthetic.

Importance of pain

Concentration on pains increase pain sensations several times, respectively, try not to pay attention to it and do not think about it. Also, the sensation of pain will decrease if you assure yourself that soon everything will pass away.

Emotional background

The mood of a person, his emotional background, also accompanies pain. Therefore, a positive mood is important for the perception of painful sensations.

Self-expression and mood

Psychological settings of yourself greatly affect the sensation of pain. For example, athletes often do not feel pain in competitions, as their attention is directed to achieving the most important goal - victory.

How to take the medicament

Dosage of the drug

Children over 15 years - 1
tablet 2-3 times a day

Maximum single dose
for adults

2 tablets at a time and a daily
no more than 4 tablets

Duration of admission

Without the appointment of a doctor
not more than 5 days
when prescribed as an anesthetic
and 3 days - as an antipyretic agent

Form of issue

The drug is available in 3 types
of packaging: 10, 20 and 100 tablets



countries consume
the drug

years on the market
in Russia

million patients
in Russia