Muscle pain

Muscle pain usually occurs after several hours, in special cases - in a few days with the work of those muscles that were previously not intensively involved. Prolonged loads on the same muscle groups, forced posture when sitting or standing, which are typical for different professions, for example, office work, driver, hairdresser, seller, etc., as well as use of one hand for heavy weights or simply everyday bags can trigger the development of myalgia.

Frequent forms of muscle pain

Local myalgian

Muscle pain or scientific myalgia is more often felt as a painfulness of the entire muscle and the area around it without a specific place of pain or a particular point. Also, myalgia can appear itself as pain in the attachment of tendons and muscle fascia to the bones. If one muscle or muscle group hurts it is a local myalgia.

Diffuse myalgia

If a whole area is affected, mainly the neck area or the limb belt, for example, the shoulder, it is a diffuse myalgia. It can be expressed in the form of a feeling of stiffness after sleep and any prolonged rest.

The most common muscle pain is back pain

There are 256 muscles, 150 ligaments and 33 vertebrae in the back *. Problems with any of these muscles can be affected by pain in the entire back. Without proper treatment, muscle pain can become chronic. Therefore, treatment should be timely. The method of treating pain depends on the cause of the pain.

Causes of ** muscle pain

Effectively "Trigan-D" cope with the pain of

overwork, muscle overload
long loads on muscles without movement
metabolic disorders (eg, potassium or calcium)
intoxication (alcohol, carbon monoxide)
infections bacterial, viral or parasitic
use of certain drugs
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