Stomach ache

Pain in the abdomen, or in another words, in the abdominal cavity can be from blunt or burning to sharp and shooting pain. In most cases, pain in the abdomen is caused by quite ordinary causes, for example, emotional disorders, overeating or influenza.

However, similar pain symptoms can be caused by more serious diseases.

Frequent forms of stomach ache

of cases, spasm is the cause of abdominal pain **

according to statistics of the World Organization Health

diseases are accompanied
abdominal pain

Within 4 weeks, abdominal pain can be treated yourself

If the pains appear weakly for less than 4 weeks and appear sporadically, you can try to cope with the problem yourself.

Also give the body enough time to relax. Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine. To ease the pain, take simple pain killers or antispasmodics. Do not use anti-inflammatory drugs that can "hide" the symptoms, further complicating the setting of a specific diagnosis, which can lead to the development of chronic diseases. Laxatives and enemas are not recommended.

It is necessary to see a doctor

With these symptoms, medical care is compulsory***

Pain accompanied by fever, yellowing of the skin (jaundice), darkening of urine, severe nausea or vomiting, light pasty stools
Sharp and acute, stitching pain in the abdominal cavity, accompanied by vaginal bleeding, irregular menstrual cycle, pains giving off in the shoulders
Severe permanent pain in peritoneum after trauma
Unexpected very severe pain lasting more than 2 hours
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