Toothache or scientifically, dentalgia is the pain felt inside the tooth, the tissue directly surrounding it, as a result of such diseases as caries, pulpitis, periodontitis and others. Toothache can also be caused by trauma, for example, a tooth injury, a fracture of the crown or the root of the tooth. Even dentalgia can be one of the symptoms of ear or nose disease. Toothache can be accompanied by reddening and swelling of the jaws, gums, bleeding and sharp pain when chewing.*

With toothache should not be

  • applied warming compresses;
  • applied heat to the affected area;
  • used cold or strongly hot water for rinsing;
  • applied various medications directly to the gum.

All of the above actions contribute only to increased pain and provoke further inflammation.

How to reduce toothache*

Effectively "Trigan-D" cope with the pain of

stop eating food and drink and gently brush your teeth
determine the source of pain, remove the rest of the food with a toothpick or floss
take an anesthetic
use of "folk" remedies: infusions and decoctions of herbs or baking soda solution
to make acupressure massage